About Us

Westcoast Wool & Livestock originally commenced as Westcoast Wools in 1996 and remains one of the only companies that operates a wool brokering, private treaty and export business. It has been one of the top volume wool buyers from WA over the past decade.

The export division provides exclusive market information, intelligence and advice, allowing additional market opportunities and maximum price benefits for grower clients.

For southern WA growers, Westcoast also operates the State’s only regional, AWTA-accredited wool handling and testing facility at Katanning, offering significant savings for clients.

The company’s representatives are entrenched in local rural communities across WA’s agricultural region and offer a complete, on-farm wool marketing and support service to growers, with selling strategies for oddments through to entire wool clips. The team is dedicated to providing specialised marketing plans, preparation advice and personalised service and support.

Westcoast participates at all wool auctions nationally.

The original Westcoast Livestock business commenced with the acquisition of the FarmWorks Livestock business in 2011 and has continued to strengthen, with significant growth in sheep and cattle numbers handled by the company.

Westcoast Wool & Livestock is an accredited member of The Independent Livestock and Property Agents of Australia, where it has developed strong relationships, and it has selling facilities at Muchea and Katanning in WA.

The company has strong links across the supply chain, including with processors and supermarket chains, and supplies all major livestock exporters, ensuring optimum competition for producers.

Westcoast’s State-wide team of marketing specialists provide a professional service for all stock, delivering the same strong, personalised service and support from smaller through to larger producers and looking at specific plans to help achieve maximum returns.