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We predominantly source and trade merino types 15.5 to 21.5 micron with a major advantage being our direct buying network with the Western Australian wool growers as well as our own wool buyers at auction.

- Luke Grant "Managing Director of Westcoast Wools"

Westcoast Wools (WCW) is a privately owned and operated Western Australia company. It is managed and operated by five individual shareholders who are active in all sectors of the business, backed by a state wide network of agents. This management team includes Shane Kirkpatrick, Mal Edinger, Luke Grant, John Kirkpatrick, William Davidson, Danny Ryan and Brad Faithfull. Company activities include wool brokering, trading, sales, exports and now livestock trading of sheep and cattle.

WCW exports greasy wool of all types from fine Merino to Crossbred wool and is the largest purchaser of carding wool types direct from woolgrowers in Western Australia.

It exports to Japan, Europe and India, but its’ main market is China and in this financial year it will export over 9,000 clean tonnes. 'We have specialised away from the normal commercial fleece types and concentrate on the shorter wools or more specialised wool types to meet the Chinese processors’ needs within the knitting sector including open top types of 18.0 micron to 22.0 micron, says William Davidson, WCW Sales Manager who is well known in China and visits Chinese mills on a regular basis.

The wool is selected for micron, length, character, colour and VM. With our large private buying operation we can acquire a lot off wool outside the auction network and these bales are shipped in their original farm lots. We have moved away from blending wools our self and now leave it to our customer if they so desire. 'Of course we do trade traditional types, however if a customer/processor has business for "off measured" wool types we can supply to their required and strict specifications'.

WCW employs a staff of 29 and has twelve country wool buyers including those in Sydney and Melbourne specialising in merino and crossbred wools. In Western Australia, WCW operates five country warehouses sourcing wool directly from woolgrowers.

We are a very established company with a long history in China now. We pride ourselves on being a very flexible and pro active company. We have run a tight budget and have no excessive overheads, and this gives us a competitive advantage. We are familiar with the wool types traditionally purchased by China and we supply any quality and measurement of wool specifications requested by our customers. Our product is cost competitive, in particular open top and carbonised types, and we have built up a solid reputation of quality now where some clients prefer our deliveries' especially for colour and length

- Mr Davidson

We have been exporting since 1999 and some of us have been in the Chinese market since the early 1990’s so we are very familiar with the wools they require. Numerous clients have been to our warehouse and have devised their own “in-house” types which we make up for them under their strict instructions.

Westcoast Wools welcomes enquiries from processing companies in China. Any enquiries should be directed to William Davidson by email at william@wcwts.com or ring +61 407 938 397.