With a direct buying network to Western Australian wool growers, and wool buyers also based in Sydney and Melbourne, the Westcoast Wool & Livestock export business has built a solid reputation to become one of the preferred suppliers to many global customers.

Its large private buying operation allows the company to acquire significant wool outside the auction system and these bales are shipped in their original farm lots.

Westcoast has been exporting since 1999, and members of the team have been working closely with global customers, particularly in China, since the early 90s, allowing a strong understanding of wool types demanded.

The company exports greasy wool of all types, from fine Merino to crossbred wool, but predominantly sources and trades 15.5 to 21.5 micron Merino types. It is the largest purchaser of carding wools direct from WA growers.

In addition to China, key export destinations include Europe, India and Japan.

Wool is selected for micron, length, character, colour and vegetable matter content.

Westcoast has a strong focus on shorter wools and more specialised types, particularly to meet the requirements of Chinese processors for the knitting sector, including open top types of 18-22 micron.

More traditional types also are traded, however if a customer requires “off measured’’ types, this can be supplied. Various customers have visited the Westcoast facility and devised their own, “in-house’’ types, which are fulfilled according to strict specifications.

Westcoast is a felixible, pro-active wool company that prides itself on supplying to correct specifications.

Operational efficiencies have also allowed a high level of competitiveness for customers, particularly with open top and carbonised types.

The company is a preferred supplier especially for colour and length.

Export enquiries can be directed to: