Glenn McGill


OUT Bolgart way, Glenn McGill is a few furlongs in front of the rest when it comes to calling the ponies after a few frothies – just ask a couple of ‘regulars’ at ‘the local’.

As a nipper, Glenn had his sights set on being a race caller or footy commentator, and while he is most happy working in an industry his family has been steeped in for years, he still likes to extend the vocal cords on special occasions.

Glenn has been connected with quality wool production most of his life, influenced by key members of the McGill family, who were passionate about growing premium wool. His father, Ian, and his uncle, Frank, both had Merino studs and were well-known in the WA Merino industry.

In the late 70s, Glenn had plans to head to Muresk agricultural college, however the road turned toward wool classing and he then spent 30 years in shearing sheds across the State before joining Westcoast Wool & Livestock more than a decade ago.

He also mans the Bolgart store for the business and says the company is continuing to gather momentum, built on work ethics like his own – “doing everything properly with no short cuts’’.

Glenn has spent many years touring the region, although strangely, like some others in the industry, he fears running into ‘Joe Blakes’.

He also plans his travels strategically so he can return to home base and enjoy his wife’s home-made pies and sausage rolls, which, of course, beat anything on the road. It’s why he’ll say she is his most prized possession, alongside his Hawthorn Football Club membership.

Outside of watching the Hawks, as well as the Subiaco and Calingiri footy clubs, you’ll also find Glenn on the lawn bowling green.

The news is about the only other show on the telly he’ll tune into with his feet up, and the lotto numbers at the end of it. He watches everything else with his eyes closed!