Jane Bushby


GET to know how Jane Bushby really ticks and classic Aussie movie characters like Kenny Smyth and Darryl Kerrigan come to mind.

Jane will openly declare her love for all things farming, livestock and horses; has a soft spot for a romantic story; has played an honest role in her own funny yarn; lives by some principles that will give you a tickle; and some may say “don’t get into a game of spoons with her around a card table’’!

Even in an AFL dominated State, she will still take cricket and the Aussies over our winter game.

All this and as an agent for Westcoast Wool & Livestock at Pingaring, she says she is “living the dream’’…a famous Aussie line I think we have heard from similar types before!

Jane recognises you see more lunch times than lunches in this industry, but she has never knocked back a long black coffee and a homemade pie.

Yep! There’s already the elements of another great Aussie movie there with a likeable character who has some interesting life superstitions: “Don’t trust a skinny cook, don’t walk under ladders and never start a job on a Friday’’!

You know rusted-on rural types like this never leave and so only have one great fear – getting old and having to live in town!

Farming has been in the blood for Jane, growing up on properties around Boyup Brook before venturing to the broadacre region near Lake Grace, where she operated her own Poll Dorset stud for 20 years.

Over time, it has generated a great respect for the Merino ewe and certainly a soft spot for crossbred lambs of any breeding.

Jane’s livestock knowledge has developed over years of being around those in the industry who know best, and she’s continued to extend on that by completing courses on livestock trading and stock handling since joining Westcoast.

Her strong passion means everyone in the industry is important and she especially loves to see a happy sheep producer. 

Jane has now chalked-up six years in the industry with Westcoast and has enjoyed its transition from “the new kid on the block’’ to having a healthy, growing foothold under its excellent leadership.

She is hoping the lack of water in various areas won’t put too much more pressure on the State’s ewe flock and current values for sheep meats can be sustained and encourage producers to stick with livestock – and maybe even lure others to jump on board.



Now! Back to some of the scenes for the next Aussie character movie…one day Jane and a fellow Westcoast agent were packing up weigh scales after weighing some heavy Poll Dorset cross lambs at a client’s property. “Picking up the air compressor, I heard water sloshing around in the tank, so I turned the tap on to let the water and air out and surprised everyone, especially the 300-plus lambs which, as one, tried to get as far from the offending noise as possible,’’ Jane says. “I turned the tap off in time to hear wooden fence posts crack off at ground level. The whole back fence fell over and there was nothing we could do but watch the lambs’ hasty but short-lived escape. Expecting and deserving a reprimand, I turned to look at the farmer, who said: “That’s okay Jane. It needed replacing anyway.” Yep, embarrassing, says Jane.

There was another occasion when she was drafting ewes and lambs on a property south of Pingrup. It was a warm day in late spring and the client was shearing. “It was a recently purchased farm and nobody had lived there for a while,’’ Jane says. “We hadn’t even got out of the car when we saw a long brown tail slither into a big pile of old wood posts. The client left us drafting while he went for a coffee, reporting on his return that as he walked from the ute to the house, he saw another one disappear under the house. Just as we were leaving, a frightened Kiwi roustabout came running out of the shearing shed saying a snake had just come through the shed. She wasn’t game to go back in and pick up the wool, but the shearers, safe on the raised board, wouldn’t stop.’’ 

Jane also tells a good story around one of her prized possessions – her great grandmother’s engagement ring she inherited upon her mother’s passing in 2018. “My great grandfather was fighting in France in World War 1. In the heat of battle, he decided that if he made it through the war, he would marry his sweetheart. The opportunity to purchase a ring came along and he bought ‘the ring’ second-hand off some local French people. He kept it safe till he returned home to England and the rest is history.’’ Jane would love to know the complete history of said engagement ring.

When away from “living the dream’’, Jane enjoys her other loves: a gorgeous two-year-old granddaughter and three horses that she is having a blast with while studying natural horsemanship.

And when she’s perched in front of the telly with the feet up into the evening, just put on Kath and Kim, any British comedy or a classic Aussie movie like Muriel’s Wedding or The Castle. Yep – how’s the serenity!  

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