Pre-Processing For Customers​

Pre-Processing For Customers

Not all wools grown automatically fit into our “overseas customer types’’.

Cotty, daggy and wools with high vegetable matter content and of varying length all require some pre-processing to ensure suitability for end users.

Westcoast has decotters, dag crushers and blenders at its Bibra Lake facility for pre-processing wool to “customer types”.

Once these wools have been processed, they are re-pressed and tested by AWTA, then allocated to a forward export order ready for shipment to mainly China, India or Europe.

The advantages of pre-processing for end-users include:

  • Full confidence in processing ability.
  • Minimum risk of damage to their machinery – Cotty and seedy necks can cause significant damage to processors’ carding and combing machinery.
  • Evenness of length – 90% of all short staples are removed, providing more even and consistent wool top for end users.
  • Colour – One of the most important characteristics determining the end value of a woollen top. Any “off-colour’’ wools are separated by Westcoast’s highly skilled wool sorters.