‘Rattle your dags’ for Boyup Brook DHS

‘DAGS for Scallywags’ has been a little catchcry in the Boyup Brook area in recent years to help raise important funds for the local high school and has been circulating again this season.

The funds have previously supported school camps and while the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to those this year, it remains invaluable to prepare for similar events hopefully returning in 2021.

Coordinated by the Boyup Brook District High School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) and WA-owned company, Westcoast Wool & Livestock, #DagsforScallywags encourages local growers to donate their wool oddments and dags.


Westcoast Wool & Livestock has been a proud supporter of the Boyup Brook District High School, raising funds for the school via donations of wool oddments and dags to its local store.

Westcoast’s local livestock agent, Brenton Tynan, said it was easy for growers to get involved in the dag drive and contribute vital funds to the school.

“They can drop-off any wool oddments and dry dags, bagging Merino wool separately to crossbred wool, at our store in the main street of Boyup Brook,’’ Brenton said.


“We are also happy to collect any donations on-farm.’’

Wool and dag donations are then transferred to Westcoast’s Katanning store, which, as the only regional Australian Wool Testing Authority-accredited wool handling and testing facility in WA, also offers significant freight savings to the region’s growers. The wool is later taken to the company’s main store in Bibra Lake.

The P&C receives payment for the total weighted donations and by-product, with Westcoast on-selling the wool component. The by-product is a unique, high-quality and weed-free pelletised sheep manure produced via the company’s dag crushing machinery and pelletising plant.

Dags are processed through a hammermill and crushed, separating the wool from the manure before the pelletising process, which uses high heat to kill any remaining weed seeds.

The sheep manure pellets are available for purchase at the Boyup Brook Co-Op.

P&C President Georgia Wallace said despite the cancellation of camps and some other activities this year, she was pleased the dag drive could continue and raise vital funding that could accrue for next year.

“While the funds have generally supported the camps, it can be directed into other events and we are very grateful,’’ Georgia said.

“It’s a great community initiative and we hope people can get behind the funding drive once again.’’

Brenton said the dag drive through the Boyup Brook and surrounding area was one of many fundraising and sponsorship efforts by Westcoast Wool & Livestock throughout rural communities.

For more information on how growers can get involved, Brenton can be contacted on 0459 222 318.