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Value Added

Value Added

Value Adding

Not all wools grown automatically fit into our Overseas Customers Types.
Cotty, Daggy, High Vegetable Matter and Varying Lengths all require some Pre Processing to make them suitable for use by the end User.
We have Decotters, Dag Crushers and Blenders based in our Bibra Lake Warehouse which we use to Pre Process these “Customer Types” mentioned above.

Once these wools have been processed through the machinery they are repressed and tested by AWTA, then allocated to a Forward Export Order ready for Shipment to either China , India or Europe.

The advantages this gives the end user are

  1. Complete confidence in the processing ability.
  2. Minimum risk of any damage to their Machinery. Cotty and Seedy necks can cause major damage to Processor’s Carding and Combing Machinery.
  3. Evenness of Length: In our processing 90% of all short staples are removed therefore providing the end user a more even and consistent Wool Top.
  4. Colour: One of the most important characteristic determining the end value of a Woollen Top. Any “off” colour wools are separated during our processes, by our highly skilled wool sorters.

Pelletised Sheep Manure

$12 per Bag or 35c/Kg when purchasing in bulk Plus GST.