Westcoast Northern Livestock

Westcoast Northern Livestock

Westcoast Northern Livestock was established to extend the services and support of parent company, Westcoast Wool & Livestock, to producers across northern Australia. Westcoast Northern Livestock is focused on improving service, assisting production and increasing competition for producers throughout the region with a range of marketing options, including:
  • Live exports
  • Station-to-station trading
  • Local processing

In addition to northern cattle breeds, these services also extend to buffalo and donkeys.

Westcoast Northern Livestock leverages the parent company’s long-term relationships with exporters and processors, as well as its network links in Western Australia and nationally, in order to achieve maximum returns for producers. Westcoast Wool & Livestock is an accredited member of the Independent Livestock and Property Agents of Australia.

Producers also can take advantage of finance available from Westcoast Northern Livestock to assist a range of production opportunities.

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