Brad Faithfull


PUT some wool, livestock or anything else in front of him and a gavel in his hand and Westcoast Wool & Livestock WA Wool Manager Brad Faithfull will be happy.

Just keep him out of the ocean – he’s a bit shy of the fins!

After younger dreams of being a “stockie’’, Brad’s early days in the wool industry started at wool school in the late 80s, when he also collected a certificate in agriculture as well as in wool classing.

He worked in shearing teams before joining Elders in 1989, starting in store logistics and later rising to the technical team and commencing his auctioneering.

Brad’s days as a shareholder with Westcoast kicked-off in 2000, when the company also launched wool brokering.   

Today, not much gets between him and his passion for wool, livestock and the business, except for his wife, Kelli, a 1967 XR Fairmont V8, football and a bit of Neflix binge watching to avoid the constant negative news (and not necessarily in that order!).

The football fanaticism starts with the West Coast Eagles, then heading to Peel Thunder, his local Halls Head Football Club and finally the Pingelly Brookton Panthers.

Based at Westcoast’s head office at Bibra Lake, Brad looks forward to the company continuing to become a driving force in the WA wool and livestock industry and significantly boosting its market share.


Brad with a couple of his passions…among others!

As an Australian-owned company, he sees an exciting future ahead for the business, with a tight-knit team that has created a welcoming and flexible environment.

Brad says it has been an experience to witness the rise and fall of the wool industry during his time, and particularly the big rise two years ago to a strong commodity position once again.

At his heart though, he just thrives on knowing that a customer is satisfied with the outcome of his sale, whether it be wool or livestock.

And if that happens to also take him past the BP Roadhouse at Williams for one of their great sandwiches and renowned service – all the better!